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What To Expect

Recruitment is an exciting time for everyone. To help future members, we have provided a breakdown of the days listed below.

Day 0 = Orientation

On this day you will be able to meet your recruitment counselors and group. This day is to help ease your nerves and ask any questions you may have.

Day 1 = Sisterhood

On this day you will be able to gather more information about each chapters sisterhood and what makes their bond so special.

Day 2 = Philanthropy

On this day you will learn more about the chapters philanthropy's and what they do to give back to their community.

Day 3 = Pref Day

On this day, chapters invite you to be apart of a special ceremony to showcase the true meaning of sisterhood.

Day 4 = Bid Day 

The day you get to run home to your sisters!

What to expect: Recruitment
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